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There are many ways in which investor can measure the performance of portfolio. Different theorists have proposed many different models for this purpose. The Sharpe Ratio given by Sharpe (1964) and its close analogical concept - the Information Ratio, are one of the most common measures of portfolio performance. Active investing requires the portfolio managers to beat the stock market’s average returns and take advantage of short-term price fluctuations. The active return of the portfolio should perform as well as the benchmark or, better so, outperform the benchmark. The simplicity of these two ratios leads them to their greatest weakness. Both the ratios are useful for evaluating the portfolio but only in limited situation. They are not applicable in asymmetric situations. In this paper, an effort has been made to analyse the correlation between the two ratios briefly but still major research work is required to give more concise relationship between these tools and their measuring of performance.

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This study is an intentional effort to study the prevailing difference existing among men and women. This time the gender difference is studied towards the brand loyalty for sports. A survey through questionnaire was conducted in 100 respondents of fitness centers and health clubs consuming branded sports apparels. 50 were men and 50 were women. The seven scale measurement of Serkan & Gökhan (2005) was used to study brand loyalty. The seven scales are satisfaction, perceived brand quality, brand experience, brand image, brand switching cost, customer product involvement and brand loyalty. Analyzing the data by t-test through SPSS, the upshot says that perceived brand quality and brand loyalty creates the difference of brand loyalty between genders for sports apparel.

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This paper presents the Use of E-Resources by faculty IGNOU University Library, New Delhi. The objectives, methodology sample selection data collections and results obtained are explained. A questionnaire consists of 21 questions and designed to study and investigates the opinion of faculty on various parameters. 90 questionnaires distributers and 80 were collected back. This study helps to promote the use of e-resources and also informs about challenges faced in accessing e-resources.

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Hospitals have been always categorized as service units due to their inherent characteristics and the nature of work done there. Due to the element of intangibility it is always difficult to evaluate the quality of services produced by multispecialty hospitals. Hospitals have marked their presence in the society way back during the period of Greeksduring 291 BC and the rule of King Ashoka in India during 230 BCE along with Brahmanic hospitals in Srilanka during 431 BCE. The following describes the evolution of Hospitals in the past and its subsequent growth in India.

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Women has performed multiple roles and balanced these responsibilities significantly forever, every woman employee has always faced tremendous obstacles ahead of her in every corner of personal and career life narrowing the immediate need of work-life balance. Post globalization India witnessed maximum number of changes in working scenarios of women employees, however the plight of women employees still screams for help in the segment of job satisfaction and life satisfaction resulting work life balance. The spotlight of this paper is on how reliable these work life balance practices are implementing in the public and private sector banks of Telangana state. This paper is intended to focus on the impact of these Work Life Balance Practices on women employees and its implementation inconsistency between public and private sector banks and also the need of the essential concept of “work life balance” as well. This paper further throws light on the importance of work life balance achievability of women employees being the most primitive necessity.

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