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Gender Inequality has become a major issue in contemporary Indian Society. Actually with the passage of time old forms of gender inequalities have been replaced by new and more dangerous types of inequalities. The Present study has been conducted in the state of Uttar Pradesh to know the trends of income concerning to males and females. The Government of India has started many policies and programmes to reduce gender based inequalities persisting in Indian society. But still many sorts of gender inequalities are big hindrance in the way of development. This study presents the picture of males and females involve in various income generating activities.

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The private and foreign insurance companies established in the country are providing the effective service with the use of latest technology. All foreign players operated in India through joint venture with private players. In this cut-throat competition among the general insurance companies, customers are very much aware of the alternatives available in the relation to services and the provider organization. The present study objective is to compare and analyze the service quality perception of customers about public and private sector general insurers through the SERVQUAL/SERVPERF scale in insurance industry in the Indian context. The following general insurers were selected for the present study i.e., The New India Assurance Company Limited, United India Insurance Company Limited, The Oriental Insurance Company Limited, from the public sector. From private sector ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited, Reliance General Insurance Company Limited and Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited

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Gender inequality is a universal fact of life. Women are systematically discriminated, disgraced against the backdrop of patriarchal ideologies and values. The inequality and vulnerability of women in all spheres of life economic, social, political, education Health care, Nutrition Legal etc is evident. Women are exploited and discriminated in all realms of life therefore they need to be empowered.

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In majority of Kamala Marakandaya’s novels, women narrate the story through feminine consciousness. Her depiction of feminine consciousness is reflected in her objective account of women’s emotions; passions and assessment of Indian Womanhood’s confrontation with male reality some of the circumstances reported in her fiction reveal her intense awareness of her identity and her concern of women’s problems. Her novels unveil social and emotional bonds that humiliate women folk. Women in her novels represent internalization of set of ideologies propagated by tradition oriented male dominated society.

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Barth and Schlegelmilch (2013), explain that, in scientific theory, the term academic entrepreneurship is defined and developed in different ways. From the traditional perspective academic entrepreneurship means an “university spin-off” or an institutional transfer of research, development, or technology to start innovations or ventures. The purpose of this paper is to review and synthesize the literature on the various challenges and opportunities in Academic Entrepreneurship. Although education and research have traditionally been the university‘s main missions, this has gradually changed with the emergence of new perspectives on the role of the university in the system of intellectual property generation, production, sharing and distribution (Nyeko & Sing, 2015). Silva (2012) argues that 3rd university mission involving academic entrepreneurship, opens the possibility for many higher education institutions to get a broader source of funding from non-governmental or public organizations. The adaption and adoption of ―entrepreneurial flair into the university appears to create discontent among academics to whom the concept of entrepreneurship implies the creation of a new venture and income generation. This paper highlights the features of academic entrepreneur and academic entrepreneurship while the center of focus being the challenges and opportunities faced in academic entrepreneurship.

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