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    1 Author(s):  BHISHMA KUMAR

Vol -  11, Issue- 7 ,         Page(s) : 148 - 151  (2020 ) DOI : https://doi.org/10.32804/IRJMSH


Across the globe, debates on preserving the Earth and its ecosystem have been in the centre of every nation for decades. Our Earth is facing ecological crisis these days that we cannot escape this reality. For eliminating this crisis from the ecosystem of the earth, scientists, politicians, environmentalists, academicians and also the social workers are working very hard to find the solutions day and night, today. Of course, the scholars of every field of study have considered this critical issue in their works, and tried their best to bring out the remedies of the predicaments. As far as the literary field is concerned, it has done a great job to help people make aware of the tribulations of the degrading environment. It has also helped the human and nonhuman to come closer to each other. The literary figures in their literary works have talked much of the intimate relationship between them. This involvement of man and nature in the field of literature has led the people’s conscious mind towards the ecological alarms which have brought the new fields in literary theory and criticism, such as; Eco-criticism and Feminism. This paper draws an outline of eco-criticism, eco-feminism, spiritual eco-feminism followed by “A Study of Mary Oliver’s Selected Poems in the Light of Spiritual Eco-feminism.”

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