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    1 Author(s):  DEEPANJALI MISHRA

Vol -  11, Issue- 7 ,         Page(s) : 135 - 142  (2020 ) DOI : https://doi.org/10.32804/IRJMSH


Alcoholism is the root causes of disturbances, domestic violence, emotional traumas in house. The Women having alcoholic spouses end up facing torture in all forms, which lead to neglecting their own health, and may become socially withdrawn. It is the cause of culmination of many relationships which may end up in separation and may have lasting effects like physical injuries, emotional trauma, additional addictive disorders, financial problems, and broken relationships Alcohol abuse by the husband contributes to drastic consequences leading to deteoration of physical as well as psychological health in the spouse. It is the major causes of depression leading to suicidal tendency among women. make matters worse, the behaviour of the in laws is more horrifying. It is a tendency of the relatives of the husband that includes, mothers in law, sisters in law, brothers in law to shift the blame to the brides . Therefore the aim of this study is to make an analysis of the perception of the family members especially the in laws towards the spouse who is an alcoholic

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Acknowledgement: This paper is credited to ICSSR for providing me the grants of a minor project that Ive received during July 2020

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