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    1 Author(s):  DR. INDU SHEKHAR

Vol -  11, Issue- 6 ,         Page(s) : 174 - 184  (2020 ) DOI : https://doi.org/10.32804/IRJMSH


When I was searching for the ‘current theorists’ of personality system on Google to do a biography of Narendra Modi came across R. C. Curtis edited The Relational Self, could not buy this and then downloaded the most attractive Seymour Epstein’ theory known as ‘cognitive –experiential self-theory’ (CEST).The article is very interesting but has many issues which can be and should be discussed while understanding personality as a system. I am going to deal with the article only by suggesting what more could have been done in terms of the conceptual, methodological and theoretical underpinnings. Seymour Epstein’ use of the approach and theory are interchangeable in the article. In one sense, theories and approaches seem to be the same. But, approaches also are ways of formulating the problem. Approach is a theoretically individuated prefix or suffix. For example, Marxian, Weberian, Durkheimian, and Freudian approach. It is an individuation of a theory. I was amazed to read Seymour Epstein because most of the time we think alike and am Epsteinian to a great extent. Theories are always scientific, while approaches can take creative liberty and be artistic.

1. The above article is in response to ‘The Cognitive Self, the Psychoanalytic Self, and the Forgotten Selves’ by Seymour Epstein, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Published by: Taylor & Francis,Ltd., available on JSTOR (Source: Psychological Inquiry, Vol.3,No.1 1992,pp.34-37) Accessed: 02-01-2017 06:08 UTC
2. Cooley, C.H, Human Nature and the Social Order, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, revised edn 1922, P.152.

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