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    2 Author(s):  DR. GAGAN SINGH JAGGI, ANITA

Vol -  11, Issue- 6 ,         Page(s) : 85 - 96  (2020 ) DOI : https://doi.org/10.32804/IRJMSH


Now-a-days, banking sector acts as the backbone of modern business. Development of any country mainly depends upon the banking system. A bank is a financial institution which deals with deposits and advances and other related services. It receives money from those who want to save in the form of deposits and it lends money to those who need it. Cooperative credit institutions are an important constituent of Indian financial system in general and banking sector in particular. Cooperative banks in India are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India through the Banking Regulation Act 1949 as applicable to Govt. of India. Himachal is predominately an agrarian state and cooperative banks occupy a vital position in in the economy of Himachal State. The present study focuses on the individual evaluation of Kangra Central cooperative bank limited. The present paper is an attempt to an analysis the growth and financial performance of the Kangra Central Cooperative Bank Limited. For the purpose of the study, secondary data is collected from the Annual report of the bank under study for a period of 5 years i.e. 2014-15 to 2018-19. Various financial ratios are selected for the present study and some statistical techniques used mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variance. The study is set out to apply growth rate for evaluate performance of banks through different variables like deposits, investments, loans and advances, share capital, Borrowings, reserves and surpluses, profit and check the efficiency of the bank through different ratios. The study reveals that the profit of the bank was decreasing due to losses, in order to improve the profit, the bank should control the NPA, operating expenses and increase non-operating income.

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