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Vol -  11, Issue- 5 ,         Page(s) : 78 - 86  (2020 ) DOI : https://doi.org/10.32804/IRJMSH


Humanera is fighting with inconspicuous enemy; the novel COVID-19 coronavirus. Later, World Health Organization declared covid-19 as a pandemic on march 11 2020, due to rapid spread across china and worldwide. The covid-19 pandemic has created a substantial impact on education sector. The pandemic has not only raised the fear of death also precarious situation among students’ community. Objectives: The main objective of this paper, are to assess the impact of covid-19 on education sector and to study the psychological health of students also, the effectiveness of E-learning compared with traditional teaching methodology. Methodology: A voluntary online survey was conducted to the current undergraduate and postgraduate students in India. A questionnaire was structured and mailed to the participants. Results: A total of 250 student responses had been recorded. In which 70% of the students pursuing undergraduate and 30% of the students pursuing post graduate has participatedin the survey. 81% of the student’s education process was disrupted during this pandemic. Majority 71% of the students are undergoing emotional disturbances such as anxiety, stress and loneliness due to covid-19 crisis. Fifty-five percent of the students were enrolled in online courses and 61% found it really effective in developing knowledge and skills. Conclusion: Due to covid-19 pandemic, student’s mental health had been severely affected and online teaching infrastructure in educational institutions should be developed.

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