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    1 Author(s):  RAHUL JOSHI

Vol -  7, Issue- 8 ,         Page(s) : 213 - 223  (2016 ) DOI : https://doi.org/10.32804/IRJMSH


ABSTRACT: The problem of corruption is neither new nor it is restricted to developing countries only. It is one of the biggest threats to the well-being of a society. Corruption degrades the quality of the services and also ruins the life of the common man. The rate of corruption has increased after independence. Bureaucratic corruption, judicial corruption and various political scams and scandals have dolled the Indian political scenario. India has been ranked 79th out of 176 countries in Transparency International's 2016 corruption perception index (CPI).India is the largest democracy in the world, it continues to struggle on a daily basis to fight corruption in every field at both the national and local levels. Endemic and deep rooted corruption is a major factor for most social and political ills. Rampant corruption prevailing in the country forced the lawmakers to understand that there is no way the country can become better without the servants favouring good governance. To reduce the corruption, a campaign named ‘India against corruption’, was run under the leadership of Anna Hazare. It is because of this campaign, the then UPA govt. passed a bill which was named as the Lokpal bill. According to social activist Shri Anna Hazare there is lot of lacunas in new bill Passed by then Central Government. This paper provides a broader overview on difference between Jan Lokpal & Lokpal bill and how it is helpful to reduce or stop corruption in our society.

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