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    1 Author(s):  SHEKHAR

Vol -  7, Issue- 8 ,         Page(s) : 290 - 295  (2016 ) DOI : https://doi.org/10.32804/IRJMSH


“To Alexis in Answer to his poem against Fruition. Ode” can be found in Behn’s “Lycidus: Or The Lover in Fashion… Together with a Miscellany of New Poems”, published in 1688. That same volume contains two other poems which will be discussed further on, i.e. “To Alexis, On his saying, I lov’d a Man that talk’d much” and “To the fair Clarinda”. In eight stanzas this poem reflects upon the “hapless sex”, men, who are indicted for not being faithful to one woman but always wanting more and entertaining one relationship after the other. As the title indicates, the poem deals with the poetical character Alexis, who will also turn up in several other poems by Behn. Remarkably, in this poem, in contrast to the previous poems discussed, the voice of a male speaker appears towards the end of poem, in answer to the dominant female voice complaining about men in most part of the poem. A closer analysis will try to provide answers as to why Behn would choose to let a male voice enter into the poem, and also look into the way men’s behaviour is described throughout the poem.

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