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    1 Author(s):  SUMAN KUMARI

Vol -  13, Issue- 6 ,         Page(s) : 134 - 137  (2022 ) DOI : https://doi.org/10.32804/IRJMSH


Abstract: The research is based on the general measures of socio-economic status; education, income and occupation of Gokalpura village, Haryana. In this study it has to examine the caste wise economic structure at household level. Both types of data; Primary and Secondary data have been used to fulfill this objective. The primary data collected through a personal direct interview method. A questionnaire has been prepared to get facts and data from the pattern households.A total of 657 households have been taken systematic for the analysis of socio-economic status of different income groups. All aggregated data were converted to relative numbers such as percentages to observe the overall condition. The results show that the various classes have been identified in the village.

Mustaquim, M., and Islam, M. (2014), Demographic and Socio-Economic Characteristics of Inhabitants of Udaypur Village, Malda District, West Bengal, Indian Streams Research Journal, Vol. 4, Issue I, pp. 1-13.
Dutton, D.B., and Levis, S. (1989), Overview, Methodological Critique, and Reformulation, in J.P. Bunker, D.S. Gomby, and B.H. Kehrer (Eds.), Pathways to Health. Melno Park, CA: The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, pp. 29-69.

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