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Dr. Majid Al Breiki
Year of Publish -2020 Month - July  
Trial Interventions in ABCA4- Retinopathy
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Inherited retinal diseases collectively are one of the leading causes of visual impairment worldwide. ABCA4 retinopathy is the most common inherited retinal disease. In the last few years, there are many advances in the understanding of this disease, which led to many interventional trials with promising results at the moment. This paper is going to present a brief background up to date knowledge in the context of the disease pathophysiology, the main mechanisms involved in this disease and related diseases, and different approaches of the intervention trials. I will be using a literature review to highlight the main structural, physiological, chemical, functional characteristics of ABCA4 transporter physiology. This will be followed by a brief discussion about pathophysiology. Next, analysing, extracting and comparing different interventional options and presenting the current clinical trials for each will be done. This paper expected to discusses and rationally compare between different treatment trials approaches their advantages over others and challenges. A sensible, possible application from current trials from different diseases with similar pathogenesis and possible research opportunities will be discussed.

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