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    Author(s):  MOHD ISHAQ SHAH  

• Abstract: the article/research paper is altogether a psychoanalytical x-ray of Hemingway’s characters. According to Sigmund Freud,’’ man is a bundle of psychological instincts which function as a compressing and squeezing force behind him. As we know life is full of complexities and a man remains always under pressure in order to overcome these hardships and trifles .Carl Jung divides human psyche into three categories-Conscious, Sub-conscious and the unconscious. The first being the active part of one’s mind that determines a difference between good and bad, virtue and vice, moral and immoral etc.The second one being partly active and partly inactive as in case of children who store in their subconscious whatever they observe around them. Hence, a famous quote from William Wordsworth is worth mention here ‘’Child is the Father of Man’’ the third one being inactive part of human mind.

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